Nice Luderick and a great morning out

A great morning out near Marlo today. Sunshine, no wind and plenty of fish. Here’s dad with a couple of nice Luderick (biggest was 41cm, 0.98kg). Also scored some mullet and more Luderick. We were watching an Azure Kingfisher dive-bomb his prey when the first rod went crazy! The weather is finally starting to warm up and Spring is not too far away

Fish and wildlife – close up

Grant and his brother Clayton from Toowoomba had a great time out with Marlo Fishing Tours on Good Friday. As well as catching some nice fish including a 0.98kg Luderick, the wildlife put on a show. A couple of friendly water dragons let us get super close, a kingfisher plucked a small fish from the water just metres away from us and a Whistling Kite was showing off its nest.

Shane, Will and Emma chasing fish around Marlo.

Shane from Rosebud, with his daughter Emma and son Will enjoyed the morning out on the water with Marlo Fishing Tours. We cruised around the Marlo islands and up the Brodribb River chasing fish and checking out the sights. Everyone caught fish with the highlight being Will’s nice Luderick. Other fish included Bream, Tailor and a toadie 🙂

Robyn and Rob’s Marlo Fishing Adventure

Robyn and Rob from Canberra joined us on a fishing tour yesterday morning in ideal conditions with no wind and balmy temperatures. We spent time exploring the estuary and rivers in search of fish. On one section of the river we were lucky enough to see an Azure Kingfisher, bobbing its head and waiting for small fish to pass under its perch just above the water.
After losing a monster fish which decided to charge under the boat just before Rob got it to the surface, we started having some better luck landing a couple of Bream and a good size Mullet.