Kayak Eco Tours

Kayak tours are conducted on flat water in mostly calm conditions. No kayak experience is necessary but more advanced tours are available for experienced paddlers.

Kayaks, paddles and life jackest are provided and the sit on top kayaks are equipped with rudders, storage, drink holders and are vey stable to paddle. A double kayak is also available. The kayaks are used primarily for eco tours but can also be used for fishing.

There are a few options for Kayak Tours in the Marlo area.

Yeerung River is a spectacular place to visit and depending on water levels and conditions we paddle up the river past the bridge where the river narrows and we enter the wildernesss. The entrance to the ocean is closed most of the time but offers a great spot to stretch your legs and wander along an unspoilt, remote beach.

Bring your camera as the wildlife, in particular birds such as the Azure Kingfisher, can put on a show. Sunrise and sunset tours can offer an amazing experience (and great photos).



Cabbage Tree Lagoon is a hidden gem. It can have large amounts of birds, including hunting raptors which can sometimes be seen swooping down to the water to grab a fish. The lagoon is generally shallow and open, fringed by thick vegetation and makes for great exploring!

Cabbage Tree


Marlo Estuary can be a great place to kayak. Although the main section of the estuary can be busy with motor boats and may be exposed to westerly and easterly winds, there are some areas like Frenches Narrows and MOTS Beach which are more protected and away from ‘the crowds’.