Snakes on the water

Last Friday was lining up to be a hot day, but it was an awesome morning to be on the water around Marlo. Kathy, Greg and their grandkids Chaz and Tyler explored the Snowy and Brodribb Rivers. We watched as a Tiger snake swam across the Brodribb River. Not long after, Chaz landed a beautiful Bream and cracker Perch.

Sunrise Kayak Fishing

A beautiful morning kayak fishing with Lesley and Russell. Russ caught his first ever fish on a lure – a nice Bream on a soft plastic (and released). Lesley persisted with a bent minnow surface lure, with some nice ‘follows’ and one Estuary Perch hookup. Unfortunately the EP got off before we got it into the kayak. Definitely worth the early start. Magic spot. Russ managed to hang on to the trophy … until next time

Forgot the G&T’s

Had a great day out yesterday with Jenny and Suzanne from England. The weather was perfect and the fish were biting. They scored some nice Bream around Lake Corringle and the Brodribb River as well as seeing plenty of birdlife … the only thing missing was the G & T’s … next time
Once they had caught enough fish for dinner the rest were released to fight another day

Kayaking on the Lagoon

On a beautiful summer’s day we headed off on a kayaking adventure in Cabbage Tree Lagoon. The scenery was spectacular and everyone enjoyed the amazing experience.

Thanks to John, Anne, Anne-Aelis and Aymeric, hopefully see you next time


Ecotour with Pete and Deb

It was a great morning for an ecotour today with Pete and Deb. Although the Marlo estuary and the Snowy were quite brown after heavy rain high in the catchment last week, there was plenty to see. After the resident Seal waved us off from the Marlo Jetty, the birds put on a show, with Little Terns (recently arrived from Siberia), Hooded Plovers, Oystercatchers, Spoonbills, Cormorants, Darters and more. Eastern Water Dragons (adults and babies) were sunning themselves on the rocks as Whistling Kites cruised above. As we were checking out a Sea Eagles nest, a Heli Bomber flew past on its way to one of the local bush fires (most started by lightning storms over the past week).

The Marlo Fishing Challenge

Lesley and Russell enjoyed a speccy morning on the Brodribb River yesterday. The twins like a bit of competition, so they battled for an impressive trophy I assembled, to see who could catch the biggest fish. After a slow start we finally found the fish and Russell soon had a couple of nice ones on the board. With time running out for Lesley, Russell started celebrating …. but he went too early …. as Lesley hooked a cracker! The measuring was tense, as Lesley topped Russell’s biggest by half a centimetre!
This was Russell and Lesley’s third trip with Marlo Fishing Tours and they’re already planning their next one. Can’t wait for next time guys. 🙂

Sunday morning sesh

Had a great morning out on the water last Sunday with Ruffy. Conditions were perfect as kingfishers bombed the water next to us and 5 eagles soared above. We caught some nice Bream and a couple of smaller ones, including a Perch.

Easter Eco-Tour

Neville and Kate from Snake Valley came on an eco-tour on Saturday afternoon with Marlo Fishing Tours. They got up close to some Hooded Plovers at the Marlo entrance before heading into Corringle Slips, cruising around the Marlo Islands then up the Snowy and Brodribb Rivers. The Azure Kinfishers were teasing us as we caught glimpses of them up the river. After watching a pair of sea eagles off in the distance, one of them decided to pay us a visit and landed in a nearby tree. Magic.